Chase Ultimate Rewards Calculator & Estimates

Here is the best Chase Ultimate Rewards Calculator that estimates your points earning potential that you can earn annually. If you have received your year end summary, now is the time to check whether you are optimizing your earnings using the best combination of Chase Ultimate Rewards Cards. This tool will calculate the points based on the maximum reward points that each Ultimate Reward Card provides.

Find out how many points you can earn on the cards that you don't own. The best way to see how many you missed out on in 2018, is to enter the $ amount in each category (under both Personal and Business) and find the difference by selecting the cards you own first and selecting all the cards later. Scroll to Estimated Ultimate Rewards section to see the total reward points.

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Estimated Ultimate Rewards

Above estimated values are based on the category $ amounts entered above. Partner redemptions will vary based on availability and redemption value. On Average redemptions on partners such as Hyatt or Business Class Travel will give 2X or more value

Best Chase Ultimate Rewards Cards - Estimated Points, Sign-Up Bonus & *Travel Value When Redeemed using Reserve