Choosing between the best Travel Insurance for Visitors visiting USA or Travelling outside USA can be confusing and difficult to decide which one to choose. First thing you need to think about is the health condition. If you feel, you are healthy and just need for routine Dr visits in USA or abroad and for unfortunate situations. The best option is to choose the Scheduled Benefits.

If you need a coverage for longer stay and with some pre-conditions then better to choose the comprehensive insurance. Even scheduled insurance covers pre-conditions but with a limitations on daily usage and limitation on no:of Dr visits during the stay. Please check some of the options available.

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You can buy our plans if you are a non-U.S. citizen traveling to the United States for fun, business, or to study. Both options below have scheduled benefits which allow you to choose the coverage and price that are right for you.

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Scheduled Benefits (Preferred) — All of our visitor products are scheduled benefit plans. This means there is a stated limit for each type of covered medical treatment. For example, there is a dollar limit for an emergency room visit. Each of the plans will not pay more than this limit.

Fixed Scheduled Benefits – On Average for a couple with 50+ age, it would cost $600 to $900 for a 6 month period. You can Choose maximum coverage anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000

Coverage Available for Non-US Citizens Visiting USA

Note: A 1985 federal law requires emergency departments to stabilize and treat anyone entering their doors, regardless of their ability to pay.

Comprehensive Benefits – Liaison Continent offers:

  • Comprehensive medical coverage
  • An extensive network of worldwide health care providers
  • 24-hour multilingual travel assistance
  • Coverage for up to 187 days
  • Enhanced pre-existing condition coverage for non-U.S. residents traveling to the United States

Comprehensive Travel Insurance for USA and Outside USA Choose from these options: $50,000 to $1,000,000

It costs between $1400 to $1600 for a couple with 50 to 70 years age, for a 6 months period

Note: Some Medical expenses are still declined if you take Comprehensive Benefits. No one can decline medical coverage in US for not having insurance.

Difference between Scheduled and Comprehensive Benefits

Scheduled Benefits (Preferred)

  • Pricing is typically cheaper than comprehensive coverage.
  • You pay less upfront for insurance and absorb more of the cost later.
  • This plan has a medical limit for each injury or sickness.
  • Payments are limited for each type of medical treatment or benefit.

Example: Your medical limit is $65,000. The payment for a physician’s non‐surgical visit is limited to $65 per visit. If your bill is $100, the most we pay is $65, and you pay the remaining $35.

Comprehensive Benefits

  • Pricing is typically more expensive than scheduled benefits.
  • You pay more upfront for insurance and receive greater coverage of costs later.
  • This plan has a medical limit for your coverage period.
  • There are no fixed payment limits for each type of medical treatment or benefit.

Example: Your medical limit is $50,000, with no payment limit per visit for a physician’s non‐surgical visit. If your bill is $100, the most we pay is $100, leaving you with no remaining costs.

What is Acute Onset Of Pre-Existing Condition for Visitors Insurance

The general definition of acute onset of a pre-existing condition is that acute onset of pre-existing condition is a sudden and unexpected occurrence of these pre-existing medical conditions without any prior warning from a medical professional. The treatment has to be obtained within 24 hours after the first symptoms occur.

This means the person should take care and take regular medication care for the existing condition. If any thing suddenly happens despite being taken care, then it would be covered through insurance.

What is Pre-Existing Condition Definition for Visitors Insurance

The “pre-existing conditions” are medical conditions or other health problems that existed before the date of an individual’s enrollment or effective date of a health insurance plan. In a nutshell, the medical conditions that existed before your policy started. Some of the commonly notable “pre-existing conditions” can be chronic illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma etc.

International Travel Insurance For 90 Days or Less

Do You Need Trip Protection?

A lot can happen to disrupt a trip! Fortunately, our trip protection plans make dealing with those disruptions much easier. Protect Your Trip Cost, Medical Expenses, & Your Belongings.

Here are a few ways we help.

    • What if you get the stomach flu the day before you’re scheduled to leave and can’t go on your trip?  We pay for your non-refundable trip costs! We also protect you for many other covered reasons which may cause you to cancel, delay, or interrupt your trip
    • What if you get sick when you’re traveling? What if proper medical care is not available in your location?
      Your health insurance may not cover medical expenses when you are traveling. Our plans include emergency medical expense coverage, including the cost of an emergency medical evacuation if medically necessary.
    • What if your luggage is stolen, lost or damaged during your trip?
      We can help with the cost of replacing many of these items. Some of our plans even provide rental coverage for specific types of sports equipment if you choose that option.

International Travel Insurance USA and Outside USA

Students Insurance Travelling to USA

If you’re studying, teaching, or doing research abroad, you need reliable medical protection! For a small daily fee, our student travel plans provide medical coverage, an extensive network of health care providers, and 24-hour multilingual travel assistance.

Don’t get stuck with unexpected medical bills!
Your health insurance at home may not cover you when you travel outside of your home country,* and medical providers abroad may require you to pay for services before they treat you. Our plans protect you for these kinds of situations.

International Students Medical Insurance – Visiting USA



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