This year, try a different 2018 Resolution or Challenge to Save money, the most common resolution that’s followed is reduce weight. Why not try a Money Gain Challenge. Make a table that’s explained below, which I am going to track for my Challenge.


Start with creating a Savings Account, for New Year Resolution

First create a savings account in any bank if you don’t have one. Pick a Bank who offers instant transfers via zelle or similar option, so that you can instantly transfer the money you are about to spend.

In your daily spending, try stop making that one purchase like your 2nd coffee, craving desert, one small tempting purchase which could result in saving. Transfer that amount to your savings account. If you didn’t do any purchase, it’s great (Who hoo!) then just put at least $1 or anywhere around $5 to your savings account. I am going to go with $5 minimum.

I have created table with a description column, where I can add a picture or something to show which one I actually made that saving for the day.  If you returned a product, then put that entire amount or partial amount that you can transfer to savings. End of the year you can revisit everything you did and hopefully it creates one Fat Piggy Amount! You can enjoy and make it a habit by end of the year. Hope this year you can change the way you take resolution.

Create a Money Saving Challenge Tracker for your Resolution

We are not talking about some huge amount savings here, think as a small saving and see how large it becomes at end of the year. Join this group if you want to discuss and collaborate 2018 Resolution – Money Gain Challenge

Create a table and post your link in the comments, will keep updating the post with the best Money challenge. We will keep it creative. Join the FB group

Happy New Year and Lets get the Piggy Bank Explode!