AAdvantage Miles has a retention period of 18 months since the last activity in the account. Don’t let it expire without following this easy method. There should be some kind of activity either redemption or miles addition in the account to keep your AAdvantage account active without expiring. If you are not adding miles through travel this is the best option.

I searched through few options, of course if you have enough time you can earn miles through their AAdvantage eShopping portal or AAdvantage Dinning if you are adding through travel. I totally lost track of my account and found that it was about to expire in next few hrs. I was not sure if I do some eshopping by purchasing some gift cards will earn miles at right time.

Redeem miles >>Donate >> Donate miles

I finally decided to choose the Donate miles. You can donate as little as 1000 miles and its the easiest way. I donated to 1000 miles to Miles of Hope. It says will take 48 hrs for the activity to show in your account. I donated 1000 miles and instantly I was able to see my expiry date got extended to another 18 months. I was finally happy that I didn’t spend my money on unwanted things and it got extended pretty quick without having to worry about when the extension would happen.


Hope you will feel the same by donating miles and retain the miles in your account.