There is a good opportunity to double dip your Chase Ultimate Rewards when shopping using Shop Through Chase portal. See my other post on how to double dip or maximizing this benefit. The same option can be used on below Mobile payments as well this Q1 2018 using Chase Freedom

Double Dip on below Mobile Payment Purchase through their Apps

How to combine purchase : Go through Shop through Chase that shows the maximum bonus rewards, and purchase through mobile pay checkout.  Here, Groupon has Mobile payments in their mobile app. So purchased using their Apple Pay at checkout.

See below the same transaction, Points earned in two different accounts.

Shop through Chase Rewards – 8% Extra Ultimate Rewards for $18 purchase, Earning 144 points. Note: Only CSR accounts shows 8% UR points for Groupon and some additional bonus points for certain merchants.

Chase Freedom Q1 2018 Mobile Payments Bonus – 5%


Here, below Apps have has Mobile payments in their mobile app. So purchase using their Apple Pay at checkout.

Apple+4 PTS/$1 bonus earn

Groupon +8PTS/$1 bonus earn +2 PTS/$1 bonus earn

Nike+4PTS/$1 bonus earn

Gilt Groupe +5 PTS/$1 bonus earn
Under Armour+5 PTS / $1bonus earn
Ulta Beauty+3 PTS / $1bonus earn