There are few best ways to earn additional Cash back on top of Credit Card Cash back provided by issuer. Cashback credit cards are getting more popular as Retailers trying to partner with Credit Card companies to offer more discounts and cash backs. 

Each cards have its own set of categories or offering cashback on certain purchase types. There are certainly other different ways to earn cashback apart from the standard cashback offered on the card.  

1. Cashback Websites

Look out for cashback websites, there are plenty of cashback websites available now similar to Ebates, MrRebates and Befrugal . Keep checking their websites for cashback offered on 1000+ retailers and online shopping sites, like 6% Kohls, 2% Walmart, 2% toysrus, 6% Groupon. There are other sites which will help you to find out who is offering the top cashback like, cashback monitor where they keep monitoring the top rewards that you can earn. 

2. Credit Card Cashback Portal

Credit Card companies have their Cashback portal,  through which you earn bonus rewards or cashback based on your card type.  Chase has their ultimate rewards portal for online shopping. Discover has Discover Deals website. These portals will gain your additional bonus on what they offer currently. Example, if Chase Freedom offers 5% Quarterly cashback for purchase at BestBuy, their cashback portal might offer additional 2% bonus cashback, which makes it 7% in total cashback.

Citi Bonus Cash Center

Discover Deals

Shop With Chase

AmexPlenti Marketplace



You can also earn bonus miles,  American Airlines has AAdvantage eShopping, which can be combined with Citi AA card for earning maximum miles.

3. Promotional Cashback

Look out for promotional cashback or targeted cashback from your credit card companies. One of the top promotional cashback that I like is Amex offers. Amex offers promotional cashback from several retailers and online shopping. Recently they had offers for purchase at Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts and also some cashback for Utility bills, which is awesome. Here is a snapshot of how their offers page looks like, you just need to add the offers to your card whichever you like it. You get credit right after your purchase.

4. Sign-up for Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets are similar to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, now Credit Card companies have their own mobile wallet Chase Pay, Samsung Pay, masterpass, Visa Checkout. They do offer promotions time to time for purchase at certain retailers or for using their Mobile wallet purchases. Recently, Chase launched ChasePay and offered cashback for purchase at Walmart, BestBuy, eBags etc., See more ChasePay offers here.

5. Purchase Discounted Gift Cards

Purchase Gift Cards using credit cards at discounted price. You can easily double your cashback offered by credit card. Read Double Online Cashback with Ebates and Raise. If you have a credit card that doesn’t offer any rewards, best option is to use this.

Certainly these are my top ways to earn additional cashback,   which I continue to do so. Retail cards offer different discounts like interest free payments and instant discounts. The above cashback options can be gained with any credit card and mainly if you own the top cards like Chase, Discover, Amex, Citi and Capital One.