Double your Credit Card cashback earnings while making online purchase with Ebates and Raise. Ebates offers cashback on 600+ retailers and Raise sells gift cards from 100+ retailers at discounted price. Now how to combine these purchases and double your cashback.

Follow Below Steps for Double Cashback

  1. Get Ebates account where you get cashback for all online purchases. Apply now and get $10 as Account sign-up bonus after eligible purchase.
  2. Open account. Apply Now and get $5 as Account sign-up bonus after eligible purchase.
  3. Now, goto ebates and select the Raise store to purchase any gift card at Raise. Now you will earn 1%  for the Gift card purchase at Raise. And of course, Raise sells gift cards at discounted price starting from 1% to 30+% on several Retailers.  So, you already earned atleast 2%  cashback with 1% from Ebates and 1% from your basic cashback credit card .

Enjoy earning double cashback instead of your default 1% credit card cashback. If you are looking to get a cashback credit card, check here