EBates or Rakuten which is a popular cashback website, now lets you earn Amex MR points instead of cash back option. Isn’t it Awesome!

Earn 1500 Bonus Points and 2500 for Each Referral

Ebates is now merged with Rakuten. So, you will be re-directed to the Rakuten website. Here is how you can earn a sign-up bonus of 1500 Amex Membership points with Rakuten.

If you don’t have an American Express Membership credit card, get these top cards with Annual Fee or one doesn’t have an Annual Fee.

  • American Express® Gold Card, 35,000 bonus points, $220 credits in various forms, Annual Fee, $250, Learn More here
  • American Express® Platinum Card, 60,000 Bonus points, $500 credits, Annual Fee $550, Learn More here
  • American Express® Green Card, 30,000 bonus points, $200 credits in various forms, Annual Fee $150, Learn More here
  • American Express® Everyday Card, 10,000 bonus points, No Annual Fee
  • American Express® Blue, No Annual Fee

1500 Bonus MR Points 

  • Launch the link.  It will show below pop-up, ignore that, you can switch to the American Express Membership Rewards account in the next steps.

  • After launching the link, Overlay with the below link in a browser (this is the important link to get MR Rakuten account).  If you already have an ebates or Rakuten account, give a new email id, to get the sign-up bonus 1500 Amex MR points.


  • You will be asked to link to the existing American Express account. It instantly links and you will see a confirmation message.

  • Make a purchase for a minimum $25 within 90 days using the Rakuten link for the 1500 Amex Membership Bonus Points.
  • NEW Info: If you already have an account with Rakuten and it shows a regular cashback account. Go to Account Settings and switch to Membership Rewards Account. Opening with new email id as Rakuten Amex MR account will help to keep two different formats, maybe in the future, they can have different promotions, it will help switch between these two.

The best part of this Rakuten MR account, you can use any credit card for your regular online purchase and still earn Amex MR. This is a great way to earn multiple rewards like if you combine with certain Chase Ultimate reward cards.

Refer and Earn 2500 MR Points

After making $25 purchase you get 1500 points as initial bonus. You can now earn 2500 MR points as a referral bonus. Just ask your friend or family to follow the below steps to refer to friends. If you follow the regular link, you get $25, not the 2500 MR points.

  1. Goto to this page and get your standard referral link.
  2. First, the referrer should use the regular referral link and then overlay in the url with https://www.rakuten.com/american-express to get a referral. Ebates uses cookies that are stored in the backend.
  3. This is the confirmed method to earn 2500 MR referral instead of $25 Cash referral.

Once your friend makes $25 purchase within 90 days, you will get 2500 points added to your account.


This is an awesome way to earn MR points, as Amex doesn’t have any online portal to earn MR points like Chase UR for online shopping. The only drawback, you will have to create a new account. Anyhow, who cares if we earn MR points for online purchase which is valued at 2 cents per point.