Don’t miss out the Chase Quarterly 5% bonus category Mobile Payments in Q1 2018 and PayPal in Q2 2018. Raise does accept Apple Pay,  Android Pay and Samsung Pay. They also accept PayPal along with all Credit Card purchase. So make use of the benefit if you are short of Quarterly bonus amount. If you have more than one Chase Freedom this is an easier way to buy wide variety of Gift cards from Raise. As its mostly eGift cards, its the best way to keep it safe.

Raise does offer additional discounts and coupons on top of discounted gift cards.

Some of the best Gift cards that I use are Restaurant Gift Cards, Fandango, Walmart, Target, Apparel stores. As purchase from these would  not benefit from Credit card protection benefits.

Double Online Credit Card Cashback with Ebates and Raise

Don’t miss out this opportunity if you are racking up your UR points. Check the Chase UR Credit Cards here.