If you are looking to find out a credit card that offers great cashback for our daily purchase categories, then Amex has the answer for it. Its newly launched Blue Cash Preferred Card has the top spend categories covered. Best Everyday Spending, 6% Supermarket, 6% select streaming,  3% taxi and rideshare (such as Uber, Lyft, Via, Juno..) , parking, toll booth, trains, buses & more and 3% Gas. $250 welcome offer with $1000 purchase in the initial 3 months.

This is the top card to own if you are a frequent purchaser of Groceries, select Streaming Services like Netflix, Hulu, Ground Transport such as Taxis and rideshare, Parking, Toll, Bus or Train or if you are Gas guzzler.

They have two different types of cards depends on the amount you spend on those. Amex Blue Cash Everyday® Card and Blue Cash Preferred® Card.

Here is a quick table comparison on those two cards.

Category/OffersBlue Cash Everyday®Blue Cash Preferred®
Bonus Offer$150 Sign-up Bonus$250 Sign-up Bonus
Transit - Taxis, Bus, Train or Parking1%3%
Gas Station2%3%
Department Stores2%1%
Annual FeeNo Fee$95

There is a limit of $6000 for Grocery/Super Market category to earn their bonus, after which it is 1%. The regular Blue Cash still offers 2% on department stores. With the launch of the new Blue Cash Preferred, the regular Blue cash can also be revamped soon.

I would recommend choosing the Preferred if you are spending $200 Groceries in Super Market per month.  The reason why I say $200 per month in a supermarket is, only then you get $144 cash back in one year. Otherwise, you will not make up their $95 Annual Fee and some extra $50+. As this is the category that offers the most cash back.