EBates or Rakuten which is a popular cashback website, now lets you earn Amex MR points instead of cashback option. Isn’t it Awesome!

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Earn 4000 Bonus Points as Rakuten Sign-up Bonus

Ebates is now merged with Rakuten.  Here is how you can earn a sign-up bonus of 4000 Amex Membership points with Rakuten.

  1. Create a new Rakuten account via a Rakuten member’s referral. (you can use our referral, here’s my referral link.)
  2. Spend at least $40 on Rakuten cashback stores within 90 days of opening your account.

Once completed, the $40 bonus will appear under the ‘Earnings Balance‘ section of your Rakuten account within a couple of days. Link your existing Amex membership login to the Rakuten website.

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How to earn Amex MR points instead of cashback

After signing up with a Rakuten account and it shows a regular cashback account. Go to Account Settings and switch to Membership Rewards Account. Open with a new email id as Rakuten Amex MR account. This will give you to keep two different formats, maybe in the future, they can have different promotions, it will help switch between these two.

The best part of this Rakuten MR account, you can use any credit card for your regular online purchase and still earn Amex MR. This is a great way to earn multiple rewards like if you combine with certain Chase Ultimate reward cards.

Why Amex MR instead of Cashback

Starting 2019, Rakuten launched a partnership with American Express, giving Amex customers with a Membership Rewards earning card the ability to earn Membership Rewards points instead of cashback.

earn membership rewards points on rakuten.com

The cashback percentages listed for a vendor are the equivalent to how many Membership Rewards you’ll earn for every dollar spent. So, if a vendor lists an offer of 15% cashback, you can earn 15X Membership Rewards points from your purchase instead.