Its time to save or get some cashback after the Holiday Shopping, also for New year take a resolution to save some money. Check out our 2018 Money Gain Challenge if you are interested. Now, how to get some cashback on the holiday shopping that you already did.

Price Protection – Get Cash Back when Price drops

If you had used credit cards for your online purchase, now is the time to see if any of your purchase had reduction in price. There are some automated price protection website where they keep track of it and claim on your behalf. Register at Earny and get the refund claim automatically.  I would rate this benefit as really good, as your don’t keep checking back after your purchase. I have earned atleast $100 for this year so far. For example, the Cozmo which i purchased in November 2017, it was around $179.99, it is now available for $139.99. Earny keeps track of it and automatically submits the online claim through your credit card or with the store price match.

I’m getting refunds when prices drop. I’ve received so far $55 back  ?
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Most credit cards offers price protection up to 60 to 90 days after purchase. If you have Discover, Visa Signature, Mastercard World or above category cards, you should have these protection benefits. Citi also offers price rewind feature.

See how much you are going to get cashback and post your feedback/comments.