If you have been working on the Southwest Companion Pass using the two card strategy and reach 110K points to get a Companion Pass, it is a great offer getting you Companion Pass until Dec 2020.

Southwest Credit Cards Companion Pass Promotion is Expired as of 2/11/2019.

The following are the 4 Southwest cards count towards earning the companion pass once you reach 110,000 Southwest Rewards.

By meeting the minimum spend, on top of earning 100,000 points, you earn an additional 4000 points (3000+1000).

The remaining 6000 points can be earned by making a big-ticket purchase. No, that’s not the only way. There are several easy ways to earn more than 6000 points.

  1. Refer friends and earn 10,000 bonus points for each referral. It’s the easiest one.
  2. Shop online using the Rapid Rewards shopping portal.
  3. Book hotels via Southwest website, some hotels offer upto 10,000 points.

Benefits of flying Southwest with Companion pass.

  1. Take a friend or family member for free, just pay taxes+fees for your companion. You can’t beat this!
  2. The companion ticket is still free even when a flight is redeemed via rapid rewards. This makes points transferred from Chase Sapphire PreferredSapphire Reserve or Ink Preferred more effective and extremely valuable.
  3. Once you reach  Companion status, you’ll earn Companion Pass for the following full calendar year (current year), and the next year as well.  But this card promotion is valid only till Dec 2019. So it makes sense to get status as early in the calendar year as possible.
  4. Maintain A-list status, offering priority boarding, priority check-in etc., Learn more here
  5. Other benefits include 2 free checked bags per passenger, as usual.
  6. No Change fee for changing flights.
  7. No cancellation fee and get travel credit on any canceled ticket which can be used for future travel within a year.
  8. Get a refund for any price drop as travel credit for any future travel.

Read how to get a Business Credit card

Please note, you cannot have two consumer Southwest credit cards and also you cannot apply if you already got a bonus in the last 24 months. The business card doesn’t have this restriction.


All of these cards fall under Chase 5/24. So only if you are stuck in a situation where you can’t apply for 2 cards like the business and personal. If you want to add an additional Companion Pass in your family, then this is a good option. However, there are cards that offer 60,000 ultimate rewards after $4000 spend in 3 months like Chase Sapphire Preferred which can be transferred to Southwest Rapid Rewards and can be worth more without the First year Annual Fee.